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ABS-1 Trauma Kits & Employee Training

Before a Distaster, Accident or Violence turns your business upside down:


Introduction to TraumaKwik

"TraumaKwik is dedicated to bringing new and innovative life-saving techniques and tools to businesses, organizations and schools. Our first-aid products include innovative, patented tools that are effective and easy to use. Our hands-on training will empower employees, members, and teachers, to meet any unexpected disaster or emergency with prompt controlled actions that will save lives! It's time to make a difference!"

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Accidents at the workplace:

 Life-threatening accidents & disasters strike every day in America, leaving you and your employees vulnerable and at risk, Protected by strong Good Samaritan Laws during those traumatic times, you or your co-workers CAN be the difference between life and death! Make sure your workplace has the right emergency essentials .

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TraumaKwik Solutions:

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  • Strategically Placing the State-of-the art ABS-1 Trauma Kit throughout your business
  • Hands-on trauma training of your employees on its use and how to respond when a co-worker is severly injured.
  • Certify your employees in Disaster / Emergency Medical Operations module "The 3 Killers"
  • Teach employees proper techniques of CCR (Continuous Chest Compressions)

Benefits of our programs:

  • Peace of mind
  • Lives Saved
  • Employee Confidence
  • Safer Workplace
  • Possible Insurance Discounts

Employees are proteed by Arizona's Good Samaritan Laws

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Natural Disasters:

Tornados, Hurricanes, Monsoon Storms, Wind Shears, Earthquakes, floods

Human-Caused Incidents:

Accidents, Explosions, Fires, Poor Construction, Violence from firearms or other weapons, Assault, Robberies, Domestic Violence, Terrorism


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                  CPR /CCR


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The ABS-1 Trauma kit and

TraumaKwik's Employee

Training Programs will inspire

the quick action of fellow

employees - which will bridge

the gap between an event

and the arrive of profesionals.

This will save lives!

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Disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, education, and references.

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